Hempcrete . Discarded Objects . TadelaktThe Thinking Hand Thinking : Les Ninis2023
This series of objects explores how the act of creating with one’s own hands can awaken an emotional attachment to discarded objects. The Ninis are filled with nostalgia and the empathy we felt as children for our possessions. Their soft silhouettes encourage attachment. The Ninis are a reinterpretation of the original elements hidden under a new layer of material, a call to reverie and reflection on what these objects were in the past, and what they have become. These pieces are built by assembling various objects and covering them with hempcrete. This material, originally reserved for architectural constructions, is adapted to the scale of the object for its plasticity and for the time it takes to be applied. Each layer requires special attention as well as the traditional «Tadelakt»  technique applied to the final layers.

©luciegholamLucie Gholam -  Designer Maker2023